Hawk Haven is a wildlife shelter dedicated to the special needs of sick, injured and orphaned diurnal birds of prey and owls, located near Buninyong in Western Victoria, Australia. We are a privately owned and operated facility licensed by the Department of Sustainability and Environment. I am a biologist and wildlife artist and run the shelter on our Trust for Nature covenanted property, which consists of 20 acres primarily dominated by Plains Grassy Woodland and Wetland. I am assisted in these endeavors by my wife, Talia and son, Patrick.

Every year we accept dozens of sick and injured birds of prey for care and rehabilitation, returning many to the wild. The vast majority of these have been injured in the course of human activity and Talia and I, like many caring and dedicated individuals around the world, feel that we have a moral obligation to rehabilitate these birds wherever possible. Hawk Haven also conducts education programs to encourage the vital work of protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat. Please note that due to our permit conditions and the quiet conditions necessitated by caring for recuperating raptors, the shelter is not open to the general public. However, we do offer educational programs for children and adults in order to foster an understanding of the importance of conserving wild birds of prey and their habitat. Hawk Haven operates on a voluntary basis and receives no government funding.


  • To provide expert care to sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey, notably those injured or orphaned in the course of human activity.
  • Wherever possible, to return such birds to their natural habitat in the wild in a high state of physical fitness and health.
  • To provide high quality, engaging and entertaining educational programs to schools and community groups thus engendering a sense of stewardship towards birds of prey and their habitat.
  • To contribute to scientific knowledge base by publishing information pertaining to raptor biology, ecology, injury and illness.