Hawk Haven

Educational Programs

Meet the Beaks

In the end we will conserve
what we love and respect

we will love and respect
only what we understand

We will understand only
what we are taught or
allowed to experience’

– Anon

Hawk Haven holds a scientific permit to retain two non-releasable birds of prey for educational purposes. The current birds on ‘staff’ are a Nankeen Kestrel and a Little Eagle.

‘Meet the Beaks’ is available to school groups in the Ballarat district from the 1st May until the 1st of December each year subject to availability. As housing, feeding and transporting these birds is time consuming and expensive, we do ask for a donation to cover costs and contribute to their upkeep. Advanced booking is essential. Due to our permit conditions, we cannot currently offer ‘Meet the Beaks’ to groups of adults.

  • Why birds of prey don’t make suitable pets
  • Living with eagles (particularly pertinent to rural areas)
  • Why birds of prey are vulnerable (food chain issues/biomagnification etc)
  • Birds of prey need habitat! (Importance of protecting remnant vegetation on farmland etc)
  • Differences between eagles, hawks and falcons
  • What to do if you find an injured bird

Raptor slide presentations and talks

Birds of Prey and humankind share a long and colourful history, but the nature of this relationship is changing. We are now the biggest threat these magnificent creatures have ever faced.

Hawk Haven offers a one hour slide show exploring our long relationship with these magnificent birds. Featuring dramatic slide images of Australian raptors, the talk provides insights into the conservation and biology of birds of prey as well as the rehabilitation work undertaken at Hawk Haven. It is available free of charge to community groups within the Ballarat region.

“You will have noticed from the enthusiasm of your audience that you brought birds of prey very close to us. You have created some good will with your show and we have learned that these birds need all the support they can get.”

– Ross Creek Landcare Group.